A true respect to our nation

A true respect to our nation on the victory anniversary of kargil.

Jai Hind

Starting with the worst literature

" Dhany Dhany " from the early days of my comic era I found this sound of shooting someone by a gun exciting. It was very interesting to read all the words like dhadam, gharr gharr, and dhishum dhishum in comics. After so many years now I can say the comics era was the most exciting part of life I can remember. I used to put on my towel on my back being like superman. In fact I had given, a name to myself, it was meghdoot. The meghdoot had a power to fly and a unique aqua power but after increasing the numbers of TV channels, charm of the comics getting down and down from my life but writing was still my passion. In the game of antakshri, many times I start to sing a song wrote by me spontaneously.

When I was in 6th standard I wrote a worst song as I feel today, that was 'bam bam bigallow' I dont know how could I write those kind of thing? Bam bam bigallow was a character of one of the most populer comic of naagraj. The lyrics of that song are here-

Bam bam bigallow
bam bam bigallow
you are a dirty fellow
bam bam bigallow

aage nahi peeche nahi
daaye nahi baaye nahi
charo taraf dekh ke aao...

and the chorus continued

aao aao aao

bam bam bigallow
bam bam bigallow..

This was a worst song I’ve ever written. After the success (?) of this song I’ve written many songs but unfortunately I don’t have any copy of those but still I remember a song, which was written by me in 8th standard. It was Fashion ke naye rang hai..

fashion ke naye rang hai
logo ke naye dhang hai

fashion ke naye rang hai
logo ke naye dhang hai

naya hai jamana... po po (sound of trumpet :))
dekho ghar bhi hai jana.. po po (sound of trumpet :))

naya hai jamana.. dekho ghar bhi jana..

kabhi heer kabhi raanjha
kabhi laila kabhi majnu
kabhi romeo juliet

baju hat baju hat..

It was again a little contribution by me in the history of worst poetry. :) In order of my contribution to worst poetry I never stopped myself and started to recite my poems on stage but after a deluge numbers of tomato and eggs I came to this point that India has no poetic sense. After the great reward (?) for my poetry I decided to spread terror in blog world and this is the reason of starting my blog. Now I m here with you to share my thoughts my views and a little numbers of my poetry which was awarded by all India truck literature association.

Now I've to finish this post because I've finally got an appointment with a publisher after two hundred and sixty attempts this time he said come between 5 pm to 5:01 pm and I will not going to miss this chance after all he is the biggest publisher of Babuapur district Kardhani...